About the Author

Hi... I’m Graham,

I’m an experienced personal trainer, science graduate, best-selling author and women’s health researcher.

I was inspired to write about hormone imbalances after seeing my good friend Anna struggle as she battled with hormone imbalance.

Anna was put on birth control in her teenage years to help with severe cramping she was experiencing. Her doctor told her that birth control pills would help to decrease the cramps and make her feel better.

The doctor didn’t even think twice about natural methods to help restore her health and alleviate her cramps, the doctor put her on a powerful medication in her early teenage years when her hormonal development is at its peak. She was desperate for relief, and so she started taking birth control at a very young age.

One big reason she agreed was due to her parent’s pressure and also the fact that there wasn’t really an emphasis on holistic health many years ago and the prescription of drugs seemed like the only solution to her pain in the short-term.

Over many years Anna started to notice that her anxiety was getting worse, her PMS symptoms were getting more severe. Her concern was so bad before her period that she couldn’t help but binge on sweet sugary food to provide her with some short term relief. This lead to weight gain, further stress about the weight and from her hormones and a dive into a really negative cycle of binging and other unhealthy behaviours.

Anna’s period disappeared a few times over the next few months, and she was afraid she was pregnant. She went to them, but the test was negative.
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